With strict rules and regulations, marketing for the life sciences industry can be a challenge. That’s where Viv comes in. Viv is an expert healthcare marketing agency, capable of deploying over 50 marketing tactics to optimize sales for pharmaceutical drugs, brands, and organizations. Crafting a company’s brand and competitive advantage is step one in successfully conquering life sciences marketing. At Viv, the start of any fruitful marketing plan begins with a marketing foundation, which involves creating a toolkit of marketing resources to make your company stand out above the rest. With over 10 years of experience marketing and branding healthcare organizations globally, Viv is primed to promote your life sciences product in a way that truly moves the meter.

Life Science Marketing Plan

To start, Viv surveys a company’s ideal client profile to create a mood board that visually represent that brand, and to develop strategic brand messaging – all of which can be used in the creation of a meaningful logo, website, and marketing materials.

In addition to creating the marketing foundation, Viv also creates a marketing plan that includes the top tactics that the target audience will pay attention to most. Often, it is a mix of offline and online initiatives that work cohesively to build brand awareness and increase sales.

Oftentimes, life sciences brands rely on literature to communicate the benefits of their products or devices. However, using the feedback uncovered in the brand research, Viv is able to use the words, emotions, and imagery that the target audience perceives to be most beneficial, so that each point of contact clearly communications the perceived benefits of the product. This is how an effective life sciences marketing plan can make all the difference.

On top of that, Viv performs robust competitor research to ensure that the marketing messaging, look and feel is 100% original and representative of each company’s unique fingerprint.