Viv offers medical device companies more than 50 different marketing tactics to optimize sales, boost brand awareness, and increase revenue. From product launches to competitor research, Viv provides the medical device marketing support companies require in order to meet their goals. You brought your medical device to market, now let Viv get the word out.  Whether it’s branding, logo design, PR, advertising, or building a brand new, responsive website for your device, Viv can make your product known to the medical community.

Effective Marketing Tactics For Medical Devices

Research, Information, and Exposure:

Brand Strategy: When launching or revitalizing a product, nailing the brand messaging, look and feel is critical. Companies have one shot to make a big splash, then endless opportunities to stay in front of consumers. They should not waste any chances putting out a message that isn’t representative of the product or one that doesn’t resonate with the audience.

Competitor Research: Companies need to edge out the competition by ensuring their products stand above the rest. By examining competitors’ brands, value propositions, benefits and more, companies can better position themselves to succeed in the marketplace.

Content Marketing: Medical device companies are shifting gears from traditional sales tactics to online initiatives, one of the most effective being content marketing. With healthcare professionals preferring email communication over in-person meetings and cold calls, content marketing delivered right to their inbox hits them where they are focused most and primed to hear what companies have to say.

Remarketing to Your Demographic:Over 40% of organizations utilize remarketing for maintaining brand awareness. Since not all customers will make a purchasing decision the first time around, and most take 2-4 visits before making a purchasing decision, it is important that your brand remains in front of your target demographics consistently until they reach a decision. Remarketing gives you the ability to tag those who showed interest in your medical product or service and keep your brand in front of them as they scan and interact with other channels online.