Pharmaceutical marketing, also known as medico-marketing, focuses on the branding, advertising, and promotion of pharmaceutical products. As experts in healthcare marketing, Viv utilizes over 50 various marketing strategies to optimize sales for pharmaceutical drugs, brands, and organizations. In today’s pharmaceutical marketing place, only brands that utilize effective messaging will thrive. With over 10 years of experience in brand development and identity, Viv understands that there are multiple components to creating an effective pharmaceutical marketing plan. Too often, pharmaceutical companies invest in a product with little attention put towards targeting their ideal audience. While a drug may have an array of benefits on paper, it is only the perception of benefits and added value that will equate to sales. This is where an effective marketing plan is crucial for pharmaceutical companies.

Which services do we often recommend for pharmaceutical organizations and brands?

Brand Identity: A great product is nothing without a brand identity. At Viv, we work with companies to survey their ideal clients, to create a mood board that visually represents that brand, and to develop strategic brand messaging – all of which can be used in the creation of a meaningful logo and website to supercharge brand equity.

PPC and SEO: SEO optimizes websites for organic search queries and builds quality scores, which in turn, allows an organization’s website and content to rank highest in search engine results over time. PPC on the other hand, is a cost-effective and measurable form of advertising, allowing the organization to target specific search queries and capture leads early in the sales funnel. You can also utilize retargeting to keep branded advertisements in front of users who clicked or visited a website and didn’t convert to a sale.

Content Marketing: When it’s time to push the benefits of your product, not all can be communicated in the form of an advertisement or web page. Content marketing, including email automation and development of thought leadership articles, allows you to create an innovative content library that build trust, keep users engaged, and allows you to educate and inform your target audience over time.